Can We Help?

In your opinion, what is it that your business needs most to grow further? Would you agree if we say - it's about high value customers? To turn a maximum number of prospects into your long-time customers or clients? The best way to reach them? And to revitalize the old customer base?


What if you could lower your customer acquisition cost, and increase your ROI at the same time?


This is where we come in. No matter what your budget. Let us exceed your expectations.


And by the way, we reverse the risk for you and only make money when you make money.



What We Do

Dion's World Marketing creates and/or modifies entire marketing and advertisement campaigns for their clients. Based on our experience of successful online, offline and combined campaigns we create models first. The modeling process consists of:


  • thorough research
  • detailed testing
  • systematical evaluation of test results
  • methodical refinement of campaign model.


Only when we have a clear winner do we proceed to the next step - the campaign roll-out.


From this point on we concentrate on steady monitoring, testing, tweaking and overall optimization of your campaign.


Because only results count. Results you can take to the bank.








Services Overview

From stand alone tasks over a combination of services, up to entire streamlined and customized solutions - the choice is yours. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Market Assessment
  • Scientific and Risk Assessment
  • Analysis of pre-existing Campaigns
  • Strategic and Tactical Modeling
  • Campaign Development
  • Testing of Variables before Roll-out
  • Campaign Roll-out Support
  • Campaign Management and Support
  • Test-based Campaign Optimization


Your optimized marketing message goes directly to a sniper-sharp targeted audience - online and/or offline.